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The benefits of Team Sports over Individual Sports for your child’s mental health

According to a recent study, some sports are more beneficial than others. For example, kids who play team sports as opposed to only solo sports are less likely to develop mental health issues. 

We are aware that playing sports is good for our mental health in addition to our physical health. Over 11,000 parents of kids and teenagers (ages 9 to 13) in the United States completed evaluations of their sports propensities and mental health parameters.

The findings demonstrate that children who participated in team activities were less likely to exhibit symptoms of anxiety, despair, withdrawal, attention problems, or social difficulties. Children who participated in individual sports like tennis or wrestling displayed higher indicators of mental health problems than those who did not participate in any sport at all.

Through beneficial social interactions, playing team sports may help prevent the emergence of mental health problems. Humans are social beings and, in general, need social interaction on a regular basis for mental health; simply consider the effects of COVID-19 isolation. Children who participate in team sports may feel a sense of closeness and unity with their teammates, which may be good for their mental health and social skill development. This may also be the reason why participating in sports alone does not have the same positive effects as participating in sports with a team.

Biological sex revealed few variations among the groups, with the exception that females who participated in both team and individual sports were less likely to transgress the law than females who did not played any sport.

The results demonstrate a beneficial relationship between team sports participation and improved mental health in kids and teenagers.

Additional research could clarify the links between playing alone and mental health issues and determine whether this is simply a result of persons who are already socially isolated choosing solo sports versus team sports.

While kids can still enjoy solo activities like yoga or running, bringing a friend along may be more enjoyable and provide additional health benefits.

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