New research suggests that talking to infants and toddlers can promote brain development

The University of East Anglia’s researchers have discovered a strong correlation between infants’ and toddlers’ early brain development and speech listening. According to University of East Anglia research, parents who communicate to their infants or toddlers unintentionally promote brain development. Talking to your little one even briefly helps mould their developing brain. The Journal of […]

Young children with peanut allergy benefitted from a skin patch

Greenhawt pointed out that the lack of an approved medicine for peanut allergy in children under the age of four indicates a large unmet need. A skin patch helped young children with peanut allergies, says new study. The phase III randomised EPITOPE research found that epicutaneous immunotherapy delivered through a patch applied to the skin […]

Children exposed to toxic air more prone to develop cardiac conditions and HBP

The analysis, published recently in Current Problems in Cardiology by King’s College London researchers, found that kids are at increased risk of cardiac disease and HBP due to long-term exposure to toxic air. Childhood and adolescent hypertension is a risk factor for adult hypertension and heart disease. When blood pressure grows excessively high, it is […]

Can water fasting aid in weight loss?

Weight loss has been linked to water fasting. However, according to nutritionists, this kind of fasting should only be practised for a limited amount of time. Water fasting, sometimes known as a water-only fast, is going without meals for a few days. This kind of fasting is thought to enhance health and might inspire dietary […]

What effect do parents’ cognitive and non-cognitive skills have on their children’s education?

According to a recent study, parents’ genes that are connected to both cognitive and non-cognitive talents have an impact on their child’s educational performance. A new study from King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) demonstrates that parents’ genes associated with both cognitive and non-cognitive talents have an impact on their children’s […]

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