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Can water fasting aid in weight loss?

Weight loss has been linked to water fasting. However, according to nutritionists, this kind of fasting should only be practised for a limited amount of time.

Water fasting, sometimes known as a water-only fast, is going without meals for a few days. This kind of fasting is thought to enhance health and might inspire dietary and lifestyle modifications. Nutritionists at Nutrimed Neha Patodia and Nupur Arora said that during a water fast, food intake is strictly regulated. Typically, this kind of fasting lasts between 24 and 72 hours. They advised against continuing the water fast beyond this point without medical care.

There are numerous dietary habits that may promote weight loss. Weight reduction is thought to be a process that requires the support of medical professionals because it is one of the most talked-about health subjects. The practise of water fasting has been popular among nutritionists for some time.

Water fasting uses this process whereby one doesn’t consume anything other than water for a set amount of time because drinking water is essential for the normal functioning of the human body as it keeps you hydrated and flushes out the toxins.

The US National Library of Medicine conducted a research last year in which 12 middle-aged men underwent an 8-day water fast. The subjects displayed substantial changes in their body composition, dehydration, enhanced ketogenesis, hyperuricemia, decreased serum glucose concentration, and hyponatremia after the 8-day period. They also showed a significant drop in their perceived stress levels. The study concluded that while there are some beneficial effects on the body, continuing for an extended period of time may be harmful to the body.

According to studies, water fasting may encourage autophagy, a process through which your body eliminates and recycles unused and potentially harmful components of your cells. A prolonged water fast, however, carries a number of hazards and can be harmful. It can result in muscle loss, changes in blood pressure, and a number of other medical issues. Avoid doing this if you have diabetes, gout, are pregnant, have children, or any of the aforementioned conditions.

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