The menstrual cycle and PCOS: What You Need to Know

Periods are abnormal for those with PCOS. A hormonal condition known as PCOS affects one in ten women of reproductive age. A woman’s body undergoes several changes as a result of PCOS, including irregular menstruation. It is a syndrome that causes your hormones and ovaries to behave improperly. It can hinder your ability to conceive […]

Metabolic Syndrome & a hope for potential recovery

These problems can also exist in children who have metabolic syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome, MS, is an assortment of conditions which will result in diabetes, stroke or cardiovascular illnesses. Thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and increasing hi-tech evolution, our life style is revolutionized as well, reducing the need for physical movement. The byproduct of such a […]

The hard truth about high salt levels in school food

The presence of high levels of salt in school food can lead to numerous health issues, one of which is High Blood Pressure or Hypertension. Hypertension is a chronic condition that can lead to serious health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease. It is, therefore, crucial for schools to address the issue […]

What exactly is inflammation?

An initial physiological reaction to tissue injury, such as that brought on by mechanical, thermal, electrical, irradiation, chemical, or infection, is known as inflammation. Inflammation typically results from your body’s defence against diseases, chemical exposure, or even injuries. This is a typical self-healing phenomena, but if it persists for several months, it could indicate a […]

Menstrual cycle variation could indicate other health issues

Although most menstrual cycle anomalies aren’t dangerous, they can occasionally suggest health issues. Menstrual cycle tracking can assist women in determining what is normal, the time of ovulation, and identifying significant deviations such as a missed period or irregular menstrual bleeding. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has collaborated with Apple and the […]

How do I heal my liver?

The treatment of the liver disease depends on the underlying cause of the disease. Overall, taking steps to improve liver health, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding toxins, can help prevent liver disease and improve liver function.

Childhood insomnia leads to adult sleep disorders

Researchers say nearly half of children in a study had insomnia that persisted into adulthood. New research indicates that children with insomnia are more likely to develop sleep issues as adults. The study shows that insomnia symptoms remain longer than previously thought and emphasises the significance of early therapies to alleviate sleep issues. According to […]

Green-tinted glasses could help manage chronic pain.

Summary Researchers continued to build a case for green light therapy in the chronic pain population, despite rocky preliminary data from a small randomized trial. Wearing green spectacles may lessen anxiety caused by fear in particular. Among 34 opioid users with fibromyalgia, the 12 randomized to wear green glasses trended nonsignificantly toward reduced anxiety on […]

Green tea extract may harm liver in people with certain genetic variations

Long-term use of high-dose green tea extract may provide some protection against cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Still, it also may create liver damage in a small minority of the population. Who is at risk? Research from Rutgers, published in The Journal of Dietary Supplements, provides the first solid clue: two genetic […]

Studying wellbeing science as a course benefits student’s own wellbeing

Students are a high-risk population for mental ill-health and face increasing academic demands, high levels of loneliness, and sustained financial pressures, which can adversely impact mental health. Now a Swansea University team has taken a closer look at just what impact an optional well-being science module offered to undergraduates would have on students’ well-being. The […]

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