The severity of Stroke in later life is worsened by shift work

Now, new research published in Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms shows the adverse effects of shift work can be long-lasting, even after returning to a normal schedule. As most Americans wind down for bed, 15 million people are just clocking into work. These hospital workers, emergency responders, factory operators, and others are among the 20 percent […]

Vitamin B6 supplements could reduce anxiety and depression.

Supplementing with vitamin B6 may lessen anxiety and depression. Recent studies have demonstrated that high-dose vitamin B6 tablets will lessen anxiety and depressive symptoms. When high dosages of vitamin B6 were administered to young adults for a month, researchers at the University of Reading discovered that they reported feeling less worried and depressed. The study […]

Don’t ignore these signs of heat illnesses as Summer temperatures break records

According to the US CDC, more Americans perish from exposure to high heat each year than from hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes combined. When temperatures rise, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are potentially lethal conditions. When the body can no longer control its temperature to cool down, heat stroke occurs. Many American communities have […]

Even light-intensity activity may lower risk of Stroke, study finds

A new study explores the relationship between varying levels of physical activity, being sedentary, and the risk of stroke. The study focuses strictly on the latter, unlike other studies that consider both heart disease and stroke. Medical News Today spoke with study co-author and Distinguished Professor Virginia J. Howard, Ph.D. with the School of Public Health at the […]

How Covid-19 impacts male reproduction?

The virus can occasionally be identified in semen and may even directly bind to sperm cells, according to the evidence, which also implies that covid-19 infections can reduce sperm levels for months. According to the UNFPA Report published in July 2021, the number of births decreased by 3.0 percent in October, 5.0 percent in November, […]

Your memory and reaction time may be affected by Essential oils

Research shows that certain essential oils can impact your reaction time and accuracy when it comes to cognitive performance. Most people want to feel soothed and relaxed at home. For many, essential oil diffusers create a stress-free environment because the pleasant aroma can improve mood, increase calmness and reduce anxiety, to an extent. However, studies suggest that […]

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