Why do we use the word ‘may’ in our articles and messages?

This is a question that we often get in all our communications channels. When it comes to health, medical professionals and researchers are careful with their words, and one word that is often used is “may.” You might have heard a doctor say, “You may experience some pain after this procedure,” or “This medication may […]

The effects of tobacco on sexual health

The relationship between smoking and sexual health is still understudied and underexplored. The negative effects of smoking on cardiovascular and respiratory health have received a lot of attention recently. In addition to endangering physical health, smoking has a negative impact on intimacy’s psychological and emotional components. The relationship between smoking and sexual health, however, is […]

The first death from Powassan virus infection in the United States

Following the death of the US resident, health officials have warned the public about the fatal viral disease. According to the Maine Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, a person in the US has died from the uncommon Powassan virus, making it the first death case in the nation this year. As a result of […]

AI discovers a unique antibiotic that could fight illnesses with drug resistance

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and McMaster University used AI to find the novel medicine from a list of 7,000 possible medicinal molecules. Machine learning, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been used by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and McMaster University to discover a novel antibiotic that […]

WHO urges the use of ethical and secure AI for healthcare

WHO advocates for safe and ethical artificial intelligence in healthcare. The World Health Organisation (WHO) urges caution while employing large language model tools (LLMs) produced by artificial intelligence (AI) in order to protect and enhance human well-being, human safety, and human autonomy, as well as to preserve public health. Some of the most rapidly growing […]

New research suggests that talking to infants and toddlers can promote brain development

The University of East Anglia’s researchers have discovered a strong correlation between infants’ and toddlers’ early brain development and speech listening. According to University of East Anglia research, parents who communicate to their infants or toddlers unintentionally promote brain development. Talking to your little one even briefly helps mould their developing brain. The Journal of […]

The menstrual cycle and PCOS: What You Need to Know

Periods are abnormal for those with PCOS. A hormonal condition known as PCOS affects one in ten women of reproductive age. A woman’s body undergoes several changes as a result of PCOS, including irregular menstruation. It is a syndrome that causes your hormones and ovaries to behave improperly. It can hinder your ability to conceive […]

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