Can water fasting aid in weight loss?

Weight loss has been linked to water fasting. However, according to nutritionists, this kind of fasting should only be practised for a limited amount of time. Water fasting, sometimes known as a water-only fast, is going without meals for a few days. This kind of fasting is thought to enhance health and might inspire dietary […]

All you need to know about obesophobia, also called pocrescophobia

Obesophobia is a form of anxiety disorder, just like all other phobias. An extreme and unreasonable fear of a particular thing, place, or circumstance characterises phobias. The dread of growing weight is called obesityphobia, also known as pocrescophobia. Men can also have it, however adolescent females are most likely to have it. While you have […]

Is sporadic Fasting a Good Option for Diabetics?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern in which you eat little to no food for a period of time before eating regular meals. It mainly focuses on regulating the schedule of when you eat and drink, rather than the meals on your plate, unlike many other diets. For some people, intermittent fasting may be able […]

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