Parkinson’s disease and Ambroxol

Ambroxol was discovered to be safe and well tolerated throughout a phase 2 clinical investigation into treating Parkinson’s. A a cough suppressant, Ambroxol, thins and decongest mucus. Ambroxol boosts the levels of GCase, a protein that helps cells better eliminate waste proteins like alpha-synuclein, a biomarker for Parkinson’s disease, according to current studies. Ambroxol will […]

Arthritis and the ill-effects of COVID-19

Find out what the most recent research says on COVID-19 and its potential effects on arthritis patients. COVID-19 is brought on by SARS-CoV-2. Due to their underlying medical condition, people with arthritis may be concerned about their chance of getting COVID-19. Experts are still unsure of how COVID-19 might differ for those with arthritis from […]

Chronic kidney disease in children is rising at an alarming rate

Chronic kidney disease occurs when a disease or condition impairs kidney function, causing kidney damage to worsen over several months or years. Chronic renal disease is a condition that lasts for a long time and causes irreversible kidney damage and declining kidney function. In most cases, it gets worse with time. With more cases being […]

Sugar escalates Inflammation

Excessive sugar consumption can promote inflammatory processes in the body and facilitate the development of autoimmune diseases. People who consume too much sugar and other carbs over a lengthy period of time are more likely to acquire autoimmune diseases. The immune system assaults the body’s own tissue in affected patients, resulting in chronic inflammatory bowel […]

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