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Lifting weights can reduce the probability of early death, states study

Adults were urged to do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workout a week or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity workout.

Regular weight-training exercise has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of early death, according to one of the largest studies of its kind, which was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

According to the study, those who reached the recommended levels of aerobic activity had a risk of premature death that was reduced by 32%, while those who engaged in “regular” weightlifting had a 14% lower risk.

The study also found that those who reported fulfilling the recommendations for aerobic activity and lifting weights at least once or twice a week had a 41% to 47% decreased risk of early mortality.

“Our finding that mortality risk appeared to be lowest for those who participated in both types of exercise provides strong support for current recommendations to engage in both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities,” said the authors of the study. 

The National Cancer Institute of the US, located in Rockville, Maryland, calculated the figures by analysing the research data from over 100,000 US individuals who participated in the study over a period of more than nine years.

According to the study, participants with an average age of 71 were asked about the type of exercise routine they follow. 16 percent stated they used weights at least once per week and 23 percent claimed they had participated in weightlifting.

More than 28,447 fatalities were reported throughout the following 9.6 years of the study, and the researchers noted that weightlifting participants had a 9% decreased “all-cause mortality risk.”

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