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Carbohydrates and sugar laden diets may contribute to poor dental health

Sugary diets can cause dental health problems in postmenopausal women.

The latest research was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

According to it, a high intake of sugary and high glycemic load (GL) foods, like baked goods, soda, and non-fat yogurts, may influence poor oral health. It also leads to adverse health outcomes in older women due to their effect on the oral microbiome.

The Women’s Health Initiative collected data from 1,204 postmenopausal women, which was evaluated by researchers.

The participants were given a modified food frequency questionnaire (FFQ), which asked them to recollect their regular diet for the previous three months. In addition, samples of subgingival plaque (plaque found beneath the gums) were obtained from individuals.

Total carbs, glycemic load, sucrose, and Streptococcus mutants is a contributor to tooth decay and some types of cardiovascular disease. All had favorable relationships, according to the researchers, confirming earlier findings.

However, they discovered several less well-known correlations between carbohydrates and the oral microbiome.

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