Foods that are highly processed are associated with early death

Ultra-processed foods linked to premature deaths, says a Brazilian study. In many nations, traditional foods and meals made from fresh and minimally processed ingredients have gradually been replaced by ultra-processed foods (UPFs), industrial formulations that are ready to eat or heat and are made with ingredients that have been extracted from foods or created in […]

Is it better to eat a lot of small meals or a few big ones?

In fact, some research suggests that eating three larger meals per day may be more beneficial. For optimal health, it is broadly acknowledged in contemporary culture that individuals should split their daily diet into three big meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This belief is based primarily on society and initial observational data. However, in […]

Carbohydrates and sugar laden diets may contribute to poor dental health

Sugary diets can cause dental health problems in postmenopausal women. The latest research was published in the journal Scientific Reports. According to it, a high intake of sugary and high glycemic load (GL) foods, like baked goods, soda, and non-fat yogurts, may influence poor oral health. It also leads to adverse health outcomes in older […]

Sugar escalates Inflammation

Excessive sugar consumption can promote inflammatory processes in the body and facilitate the development of autoimmune diseases. People who consume too much sugar and other carbs over a lengthy period of time are more likely to acquire autoimmune diseases. The immune system assaults the body’s own tissue in affected patients, resulting in chronic inflammatory bowel […]

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