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Researchers found the diet that may stop cancer by suppressing its growth

By Editor Jun 14, 2022 #cancer #diet
Cancer is a vicious disease. Despite the fact that numerous resources have been dedicated to the effort of preventing it, it continues to kill millions of people each year. 

The research continues to raise hope for discovering a means to prevent and cure the leading killer. A dietary approach that lowers tumor growth and potentially has preventative potential has been discovered in a recent study published in the journal Nature.

Green shoots continue to emerge, despite the fact that research has yet to identify a cure or a way to prevent the disease. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine found that low-carb “ketogenic” diets can slow the progression of bowel cancer, often known as colorectal cancer.

The researchers discovered that a chemical produced in the liver in response to low-carb “ketogenic” diets had a strong inhibitory effect on colorectal tumor growth and could be used to prevent and treat such tumors.

Researchers discovered that mice on low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diets have a remarkable resistance against colorectal tumor genesis and growth. This effect was then linked to beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), a tiny organic molecule generated in the liver in response to keto diets or hunger. Their findings suggested that BHB, a naturally occurring chemical, could become a common part of colorectal cancer treatment and prevention in the future.

With the help of mice, the primary researchers and their teams set out to see if different types of diet could suppress colorectal cancer formation and growth. They fed six groups of mice different fat-to-carb ratio meals before using a common chemical approach to create colon cancers. They discovered that the two most ketogenic diets, both with a 90 percent fat-to-carb ratio, used lard in one of them (pig fat).

In most of the animals on those diets, the other Crisco (mainly soybean oil) inhibited colorectal tumor formation. All of the animals on the other diets, including low-fat and high-carb diets, developed tumors, in contrast.

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