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Licorice is being studied by researchers as a possible cancer therapy

By Editor Jun 15, 2022 #cancer #Inflammation #licorice
The University of Illinois examined the molecular details of a licorice-derived chemical that could be used to prevent or treat cancer.

Gnanasekar Munirathinam and his research team conducted the study. Further study, according to student researchers, could lead to particular agents for clinical application.

The work was just published in the journal Pharmacological Research.

When the researchers compared their findings to previous studies, they discovered that Glycyrrhizin and its derivative have a lot of potential as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer medicines.

They warn people not to go out and eat a whole bag of licorice. Because it can cause serious side effects, including death, when used excessively. It can influence their blood pressure, interact with certain medications, and produce serious adverse effects, including death.

However, until more research shows how to effectively utilize the plant’s virtues, an occasional sweet indulgence of licorice candy or tea may be a preferable option.

The researchers believe that their work on prostate cancer cells may advance science to the point where medicines can be developed to help prevent or even cure prostate cancer and other cancers.

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