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IIT Bombay alumni create a smartphone-based health diagnostic kit giving results in 30 seconds

NeoDocs, a firm started by three IIT Bombay graduates named Anurag Meena, Nikunj Malpani, and Pratik Lodha, created the testing kit.

Anurag Meena, Nikunj Malpani, and Pratik Lodha, three alumni of the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B), have created a smartphone-based health test kit that uses a urine sample and provides results in 30 seconds. The three former students founded the health-related start-up NeoDocs. A user must briefly dip a card included in the test kit into urine before taking a snapshot of it using the NeoDocs app on their phone, according to a report by the news agency PTI.

According to Manasvi Shah, the startup’s manager of strategic alliances, the picture is sent to our cloud server, where an algorithm utilizes computer vision to scan the card and returns results in less than 30 seconds.

According to Dr. Harshal Nehete, the health officer for Nashik Zilla Parishad, they have inked an MoU with NeoDocs to use these quick test kits at their public health centers (PHCs) in Trimbak taluka. At seven of the PHCs, they have provided antenatal care for women using these quick tests. Dr. Nehete said they also use their health and UTI test kit products.

The idea behind the invention of the health kit

Anurag Meena, meanwhile, said these test kits would assist in delivering healthcare to every doorstep and cut the overall cost of testing drastically, no matter the socio-economic background. The test kit was introduced by NeoDocs during an exposition at the most recent Indian Science Congress in Nagpur.

One of the startup’s founders, Nikunj Malpani, claimed that the Covid shutdown made them realize the utility of diagnostics and the significance of quantifying health.

Malpani claimed that they started out with just five basic rapid pee test kits, providing individualized service to their clients. In addition to the test kit, he said that NeoDocs also produces test kits for chronic kidney illness, the elderly, and maternity care for women to use during pregnancy.

Also, the business is reportedly focused on researching and creating fast test kits for various human bio-fluids, including blood, vaginal discharge, semen, etc., according to Pratik Lodha.

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