What exactly is inflammation?

An initial physiological reaction to tissue injury, such as that brought on by mechanical, thermal, electrical, irradiation, chemical, or infection, is known as inflammation. Inflammation typically results from your body’s defence against diseases, chemical exposure, or even injuries. This is a typical self-healing phenomena, but if it persists for several months, it could indicate a […]

Men are more susceptible to skull fractures

The American Journal of Emergency Medicine published the study. The study’s by the Schmidt Faculty of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University revealed that when comparing geriatric males and females, males had a much higher incidence of skull fracture attributable to head trauma, which was largely caused by falls. This result was unexpected, considering prior studies […]

Pill for male contraception proved effective in test

Scientists from Cornell University reported that in preclinical tests, their investigational medication temporarily inhibits sperm in mice and prevents conception. Researchers from Cornell University discovered that their investigational drug temporarily suppresses mouse sperm and prevents fertilisation in preclinical experiments. The researchers referred to their strategy as a “game-changer” that might open the door for a […]

Sugary beverage intake and male hair loss

Researchers looked into the relationship between drinking sugar-sweetened beverages and male pattern baldness. By the age of 50, 30 to 50 percent of men experience male pattern hair loss (MPHL), the most prevalent kind of hair loss in men. Recent research indicates that the prevalence of MPHL may be rising. According to a Chinese poll, […]

Exercise has been shown to be a form of cancer treatment, as per new research

The study, titled ‘Acute effect of high-intensity interval aerobic exercise on blood myokine levels and tumor-suppressive effect in trained patients with advanced prostate cancer,’ was published in Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases. Exercise has been proven to be a cancer medication by Edith Cowan University (ECU)’s researchers, and they also claimed every dosage matters even […]

Patients with cluster headaches are more vulnerable to other ailments

Number of illnesses, including heart disease, mental problems, and other neurologic ailments, are three times more common among cluster headache patient Cluster headaches are brief yet excruciating headaches that might occur several days or even weeks in a succession. The headaches might last between 15 minutes and three hours. Researchers reported that cluster headache sufferers […]

FDA cautions Prolia users to be on the lookout for severe hypocalcemia

In light of the possibility of serious consequences, such as hospitalisation and death, the FDA stated that it is investigating the risk of severe hypocalcemia among dialysis patients using denosumab (Prolia). The FDA alluded to interim findings from denosumab maker Amgen’s ongoing safety trial, which revealed an elevated risk of hypocalcemia in patients with severe […]

A new and more effective drug for urinary tract infection uncovered

Researchers uncover a treatment combination that is particularly effective against drug-resistant cases of urinary tract infections. A new drug combination is more effective, especially against stubborn, drug-resistant infections, according to an international study led by a Rutgers University researcher comparing new and older treatments for complex urinary tract infections. Researchers from the ALLIUM Phase 3 clinical trial […]

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