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Experts advise care while using Sinovac nasal spray

Sinovac Life Sciences created the nasal spray, which has a broad-spectrum antibody called SA58 to block Covid.

Around 1,800 adverse events during the testing of Sinovac nasal spray. It included runny or dry nose and sneezing. However, the authors asserted that all of the negative effects were minor and immediately subsided. They said it leaft no lasting effects on daily operations.

According to a Chinese study on the effectiveness of antibody nasal spray against Covid infection, 80% of cases might be avoided. Peer review of the research article is still pending.

The nasal spray form of an antibody can have negative effects. In inner Mongolia, thousands of healthcare professionals were enlisted for the study during the COVID-19 outbreak in November.

One study found that those who used the antibody nasal spray twice daily got infected at a rate that was roughly one-fifth that of people who did not.

The SA58 nasal spray demonstrated good tolerability and effectiveness in this clinical investigation on medical staff, indicating further use in different groups in the real world.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post, the study recruited more than 6,600 medical professionals.

About half of the participants received the nasal spray. And they were instructed to use it twice daily and report any negative side effects via WeChat.

PCR testing was performed on both groups every day from October 31 to November 30 of the trial.

Needle-free Covid vaccines have been rolled out in some countries. China, the current global epicentre of the pandemic, too has done the same.

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