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Low HDL-cholesterol levels in young adults can predict arterial stiffness

Based on an extensive study, researchers from the University of Eastern Finland reported that arterial stiffness might play a role in developing dyslipidemia.The researchers found that arterial stiffness in adolescence may be a causal risk factor for hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance in young adulthood. Likewise, adolescent arterial stiffness appears to temporally precede low HDL-cholesterol in […]

Metabolomic Biomarkers in Blood Samples Identify Cancers in a Mixed Population of Patients without Specific Cancer Symptoms

NMR based blood tests can detect and differentiate cancer even when a patient is asymptomatic, opening up possibilities of annual checks For a mixed group of patients referred from primary care with nonspecific signs and symptoms, NMR-based metabolomics can assist their diagnosis. It may differentiate those with malignancies and those with and without metastatic disease. […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis may be preventable

An analysis by Harvard of Nurses Health Study data reported Women who made at least four healthy lifestyle choices saw their risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis reduced significantly. A 34% risk reduction was associated with adopting such habits as moderate drinking, never smoking, regular exercise, and a good diet.

European studies reported meat-based protein consumption in infants might raise the risk of Asthma by age 6

After switching from breast milk, Babies up to age one whose protein intake came largely from meat products — as opposed to dairy, fish, or egg proteins showed more than eight-fold greater odds of developing asthma by age 6. Wheezing was also significantly more familiar with this dietary pattern, which the European study called “unbalanced meat consumption” (UMC); […]

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