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Ultra-processed foods and cancer risk

By Editor Feb 7, 2023 #cancer #diet #lifestyle
A person's risk of dying from any cancer, particularly ovarian and breast cancer, is increased by eating those foods, according to researchers.

A good diet has long been associated with a lower chance of developing specific diseases, according to scientists. In particular, ovarian and brain malignancies are more likely to develop in people who consume foods that have undergone extreme processing, according to research from Imperial College London. The study was published in eClinical Medicine.

The direct relationship between what we eat and our general health is something that doctors have long recognised. Now, scientists from Imperial College London claim that consuming foods that are extremely processed raises a person’s risk for all malignancies, in particular ovarian and brain tumours. Additionally, these meals raise a person’s risk of developing cancer, particularly ovarian and breast cancer.

Dr. Eszter Vamos is a clinical senior lecturer in the School of Public Health at Imperial College London. She is the lead/senior author of this study.

Foods that are highly processed and overall cancer risk:

Researchers used data from the U.K. Biobank to examine the diets of 200,000 middle-aged adults for this study.
In order to determine whether participants specifically acquired 34 distinct forms of cancer, researchers examined the participants’ health over a 10-year period.

The authors of the study authors discovered that generally, persons who consumed more ultra-processed foods had a higher risk of acquiring cancer.

There was a 2% overall increase in risk of cancer for every 10% increase in the amount of ultra-processed food consumed by an individual.

Additionally, researchers discovered that a person’s chance of dying from cancer increased by 6% for every 10% rise in the consumption of ultra-processed foods.

Dr. Vamos and her team also discovered an individual’s risk of acquiring ovarian cancer increased by 19% and dying from it by 30% for every additional 10% of ultra-processed foods in their diet.

A person’s risk of dying from breast cancer increased by 16% for every 10% rise in the consumption of ultra-processed foods in their diet, according to research.

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