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Trial shows new medicine may “change the game” for those with chronic cough

A lung specialist defined a chronic cough as one that lasts more than eight weeks so that people could comprehend what it means. 

For the thousands of Britons who suffer from severe or persistent cough, a new medication called “Gefapixant” that has undergone testing may improve the way they live. Numerous illnesses including asthma and others that impair breathing impact thousands of people.

Between 4% and 12% of the population in the UK are affected.

An international trial directed by renowned UK physician Dr. Surinder Birring discovered that “Gefapixant” lessens persistent coughing in roughly 60–70% of patients. Birring served as the trial’s lead investigator. It was undertaken in 17 to 20 nations, including the UK, and had close to 2,000 participants.

Birring stated that there is a good chance that thousands of patients will be eligible for this treatment because “Gefapixant” is the first new medication to be licenced in more than 50 years.

Individuals received 15 mg to 45 mg twice day during the experiment. The researchers discovered that giving them 45 mg significantly reduced cough. The trials’ findings were released in the Lancet.

Contrarily, more than half of the patients discovered that the medicine either diminished or completely eliminated their capacity to taste.

The majority of patients, according to Birring’s, felt that the side effects were worthwhile given that the coughing has been eased and that they can now sleep better than they could before.

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