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To heal burn victims, medical businesses are developing artificial skin

In order to employ living cells to recreate the same consistency of human skin, the researchers have them carefully kept.

It appears that researchers at the French company Urgo have finally made progress in their efforts to develop a type of artificial skin that can help burn victims by avoiding recurring skin grafts. And it appears that the researchers have finally made progress. The $106 million “Genesis” initiative, which is focused at finding a workable solution and hopes to have a working product ready by 2030, is known as the “Holy Grail of wound therapy.

According to AFP, the scientists have stored living cells in a way that will allow them to be used to mimic the firmness of human skin.

Urgo has been producing medical dressings since the 1800s, but this represents a significant advancement for both the business and the technology.

“Our treatment is unique in that it capitalises on the anti-bacterial properties of silver, but avoids over-exposure, by only activating when infection in present,” lead researcher Zlatko Kopecki.

The University of South Australia also created a product that is very powerful against bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

According to Laurent Apert, research director at Urgo, they have been working on materials that will address healing issues since the 2000s. Dressings have become intelligent, interacting with wounds, allowing them to function better. He continued by referring to the undertaking as “a revolution“.

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