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The Impact of Ketogenic Diets on Hormonal Imbalances in Women with PCOS

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a prevalent endocrine disorder affecting women worldwide. Characterized by hormonal imbalances and metabolic issues, PCOS is also a leading cause of infertility. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to prevent complications such as endometrial cancer, cardiovascular issues, and metabolic consequences.

The ketogenic diet has recently gained attention as a possible treatment for hormonal imbalances in women with PCOS. But how effective is it really? A recent meta-analysis aims to answer this question, and the results are both intriguing and promising.

The Study: A Closer Look

Researchers conducted a meta-analysis that evaluated the impact of ketogenic diets on hormonal imbalances and body weight among women with PCOS. The data was sourced from several reputable databases, including the Web of Science, Scopus, Science Direct, and PubMed. The analysis included single- and double-arm randomized and non-randomized interventional clinical trials that were published in English.

The criteria for inclusion involved trials that had women with PCOS on ketogenic diets for at least six weeks. The focus was on observing changes in hormonal levels and anthropometric measures, like waist-to-hip ratio and body mass index.

Key Findings

After an exhaustive screening process, seven clinical trials involving 170 individuals were included in the meta-analysis. The findings were encouraging:

  • Women who followed a ketogenic diet for 45 days or more exhibited significant improvements in reproductive hormone levels.
  • There was a notable reduction in the LH/FSH ratio and free testosterone levels.
  • Increased SHBG levels were observed, which is beneficial for hormonal balance.
  • Significant weight loss was a common finding across all included studies.

Why These Findings Matter

The results of this study could significantly influence the standard care practices of healthcare professionals such as gynecologists, dietitians, and endocrinologists. Improved hormonal balance is essential for general well-being and critical for women with PCOS who are trying to conceive. The ketogenic diet, thus, could offer a new avenue for treatment specifically tailored for women with PCOS.

Proceed with Caution

While these findings are promising, it’s essential to approach them with a measure of caution. The sample size was relatively small, and individual results may vary. It is crucial to consult with healthcare providers before making any substantial changes to your diet or lifestyle, particularly if you have a medical condition like PCOS.


The meta-analysis provides a ray of hope for women dealing with the troublesome symptoms of PCOS. The ketogenic diet shows promise as a means to improve hormonal imbalances, which could have far-reaching implications for fertility and overall health. However, as with any treatment, it’s essential to consult healthcare providers for a personalized treatment plan.

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