Researchers have found risk factors for male infertility that harm sperm

It was shown that the factors that can have the biggest impact on the quality of sperm cells are smog, smoking, varicocele, diabetes, testicular tumours, and ageing. Scientists have determined the main risk factors that can lower sperm quality and increase infertility. Researchers from Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary, have pinpointed the most perilous elements […]

An ingredient in turmeric aids in the growth of artificial blood vessels and tissues

The research findings by UC Riverside bioengineers, which were recently published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. Turmeric may expedite the production of lab-grown blood vessels and other tissues that can replace and regenerate injured tissues in patients, says study. The turmeric ingredient curcumin is known to inhibit angiogenesis in malignant tumours and has anti-inflammatory […]

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