India creates a low-cost cervical cancer vaccine

The Serum Institute of India (SII), the largest vaccine factory in the world, makes the vaccine Cervavac. Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the cells of the cervix — the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina. Symptoms include bleeding in between periods and after sexual intercourse. Foul […]

In a study, robotic kidney cancer surgery yields favourable results

The affected kidney is removed along with the tumor during surgery, which is performed at UT Health San Antonio’s clinical partner, University Hospital. Not all kidney cancers are exclusive to the kidney. The largest vein in the body, the inferior vena cava (IVC), which returns blood from the kidneys to the heart, gets invaded by […]

Understanding breast lesions

Most women eventually have noncancerous breast diseases, according to the American Cancer Society. An region of aberrant breast tissue is referred to as a breast lesion. At least 20 percent of women are thought to be at risk for developing breast lesions. It makes sense to be worried if a doctor finds a breast lesion. […]

Future of women’s healthcare and Endoscopic procedures

In order to treat gynaecological and women’s health issues, endoscopic procedures have recently become popular in India. The Indian Association of Gynecological Endoscopy (IAGE) surgeons organised the conference for female laparoscopic surgeons and female gynaecologists in collaboration with the Karnataka branch of IAGE and Radhakrishna Multi-specialty Hospital and IVF Centre, Bengaluru, India. In this setting, […]

Huge breakthrough in creating an artificial heart fit for humans

The first biohybrid model of human ventricles with beating cardiac cells that are helically aligned has now been created by bioengineers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and it has demonstrated that muscle alignment does, in fact, significantly increase the amount of blood the ventricle can pump with […]

Cataract drug almost becoming a reality

According to the National Eye Institute, 24.4 million Americans who are 40 or older are affected by cataracts. A cataract is a hazy, thick region that develops in the eye’s lens. When proteins in the eye clump together, the lens is unable to transmit clear images to the retina, which leads to the development of […]

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