Early antibiotic use can result in lifelong allergies and Asthma

The study, which was published in Mucosal Immunology, has offered the clearest proof to date that the long-recognized link between early antibiotic exposure and the later onset of asthma and allergies is causal. In the study, the researchers found that the gut microbiome ecosystems and metabolic processes are impacted by antibiotics, one of the most […]

Understanding Breast pain following COVID-19 vaccination

After receiving a vaccination, some people experienced breast soreness. Additionally, mammography screenings started to show changes in the size and shape of the lymph nodes in the armpit (axillary area). Although it may feel that the COVID-19 pandemic’s last several years have dragged on, infection and vaccine are still relatively new concepts, and fresh information […]

When parents are given antibiotics, the children become weaker

According to a recent study, zebrafish immune systems deteriorate if one parent has ever used antibiotics. Researchers have found that antibiotics can have negative effects for numerous generations. Antibiotics were previously heralded as the world’s savior. Since their creation, we have used antibiotics in such vast quantities and so frequently that more and more of […]

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