Combining cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with tailored exercises could significantly support back pain management

An ailment that can strike at any time, chronic back pain is one of the leading causes of disability. Chronic back pain contributes to everything from sleepless nights and depression to missed work and reduced income. Painkillers and rest are two popular approaches taken to ease its symptoms. However, new research from Goethe University Frankfurt has revealed that […]

Is there a connection between Arthritis and the weather?

Researchers from The Netherlands showed that patients in one trial with 222 participants who had hip arthritis experienced somewhat worse pain and stiffness when barometric pressure and humidity increased, although the weather effect was minimal. It has long been believed that the effects of the weather exacerbate arthritic pain. Studies on the topic over the […]

A gentle, electric “nerve cooler” might open a unique method of pain relief.

Experiments on rats indicate that the gadget blocks pain impulses by evaporative cooling. In the future, pain control might be much more relaxed thanks to a flexible electronic implant. The gadget surrounds nerves with an evaporative cooler and is made from materials that disintegrate in the body. Bioengineer John Rogers and colleagues report in the […]

Deep-water cone snails have a possibly pain-relieving chemical

A pain-suppressing substance has been discovered in the venom of a cone snail that dwells deep in the ocean, according to scientists. It’s thought to be connected to a hormone in the human body that decreases pain, but the snail version is said to persist longer and could be used to help design new pain […]

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