Alzheimer’s Disease linked to olfactory viral inflammation

The olfactory system, which regulates sense of smell, and the part of the brain associated with memory and learning can get irritated and disrupted by viruses, thus hastening the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. A recent study from scientists at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus suggests that viruses may cause inflammation and damage to […]

Study shows why Covid-19 makes us lose our sense of smell

Science Translational Medicine is the journal where the paper has been published. Researchers have now uncovered the causes of why we lose our sense of smell from the long-Covid infection. It’s connected to a continuing immunological attack on olfactory nerve cells and a corresponding drop in those cells’ numbers. Additionally, there were fewer olfactory sensory […]

The early identification of cancer may be aided by locusts’ ability to distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells

Researchers at Michigan State University have demonstrated that locusts can identify between several cancer cell lines in addition to being able to “smell” the difference between cancer cells and healthy cells. Patients shouldn’t be concerned about locusts infesting their doctors’ offices, though. Instead, according to the researchers, this discovery could serve as the foundation for […]

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