The role of colostrum and infant development

Colostrum oral application, also known as colostrum mouth painting, is a common treatment in the newborn ICU for sicker, smaller neonates due to its anti-infective qualities. Colostrum, the initial breast milk, is often yellow milk that is concentrated, thick, and sticky. Colostrum has larger quantities of immunoglobulins and more protein than regular milk, giving babies […]

Unveiling the reasons behind the dominance of Supine Position in birthing

Despite being aware of the risks associated with the supine birthing position, it continues to be widely practiced in many settings. Have you ever contemplated your preferred birthing position? Many women would naturally choose a more upright position, such as hands-and-knees, squatting, or kneeling, if given the option. However, the supine position remains the go-to […]

Antibiotics may help manage endometriosis

While this study provides interesting insights, it does not establish antibiotics as a standard treatment for endometriosis. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine have discovered that the antibiotic metronidazole can reduce the size of endometriosis-related lesions in mice. Based on these findings, they are now planning a large clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness […]

Anaemia and its debilitating impact on Indian women

Females who are sexually active are more at risk for anaemia. Female anaemia is a serious health issue in developing nations. According to World Health Organisation estimates, anaemia prevalence ranged from 35% to 75% globally, with a mean of 56%. The frequency of anaemia is around 50% in India. The risk of anaemia is highest […]

Exploitative marketing of formula milk & call for its control

In a Lancet series, experts express alarm over “exploitative” marketing of formula milk and advocate for restrictions. Manufacturers of formula milk have come under fire from researchers for their deceptive marketing strategies. Political involvement and deceptive statements require immediate clampdowns. Researchers have criticized formula milk producers in a three-paper series that was published in The […]

Mediterranean diet lowers APO in women

The investigation was carried out to note the relationship between a Mediterranean food pattern and an unfavorable pregnancy. In a recent study published in JAMA Network Open (APOs), researchers reported that a Mediterranean diet could lower the probability of developing Acute pulmonary oedema/APO in women. The current multicenter cohort research was conducted between 2010, and […]

Multiple childbirth reduce the risk of endometrial cancer

According to a University of Queensland study, having more children lowers a woman’s risk of developing endometrial cancer. Endometrial cancer begins in the lining of the womb (uterus). Most cases occur in women after the age of 55. A key sign is abnormal vaginal bleeding, such as bleeding after menopause or bleeding between periods. Other […]

Infants in womb react to what their mothers eat, research concluded

Based on a recent study, foetuses have diverse reactions to certain diets. The results, according to researchers at Durham University in northeastern England, are the first concrete proof that babies react differently to distinct tastes and odours even before they are born. They enjoy carrots a lot but dislike leafy green veggies, as evidenced by […]

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