long covid

Study links brain fog brought on by COVID-19 to blood clots

Researchers discovered that 16% of individuals with blood clots had memory, concentration, or thinking issues for at least six months. According to a recent UK study, weariness and brain fog are two typical “long Covid” symptoms that may be caused by blood clots that have developed in the brain or the lungs. 1,837 individuals who […]

Long COVID connected to unemployment

Despite the fact that COVID-19’s status as a national and public health emergency is about to expire in the US, post-COVID-19 syndrome, often referred to as late COVID, appears to be persisting. There is more proof now that long COVID may have an impact on the workforce thanks to new studies. According to a survey-based […]

Study shows why Covid-19 makes us lose our sense of smell

Science Translational Medicine is the journal where the paper has been published. Researchers have now uncovered the causes of why we lose our sense of smell from the long-Covid infection. It’s connected to a continuing immunological attack on olfactory nerve cells and a corresponding drop in those cells’ numbers. Additionally, there were fewer olfactory sensory […]

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