Teenagers’ brains after lockdown have unnaturally different shapes

In Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science, the study was presented. Teenagers’ developing brains have aged more quickly as a result of the stress of experiencing pandemic lockdowns. The results are comparable to those previously seen as a result of abuse, neglect, and broken families. Even if you’ve long since passed through adolescence, you might recall […]

Cases due COVID-19 will fluctuate with or without restrictions

One reason some experts emphasise the need of not imposing restrictions and demands is the detrimental effects of the pandemic on mental health. At the beginning of the epidemic, restrictions like masks and physical separation helped to slow transmission, prevent overcrowding in hospitals, and buy time for researchers to create efficient vaccines and therapies. However, […]

Low antibody levels in breastmilk associated with COVID-19 infection

The current study, published online in the journal┬áMicrobiology Spectrum, seeks to explore the link between this increase and the lack of antibodies against these pathogens in maternal blood and milk. Passive immunity in breast milk, which contains antibodies to certain viruses due of maternal exposures, protects young newborns from respiratory viruses. Serious alarm has been […]

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