WHO urges the use of ethical and secure AI for healthcare

WHO advocates for safe and ethical artificial intelligence in healthcare. The World Health Organisation (WHO) urges caution while employing large language model tools (LLMs) produced by artificial intelligence (AI) in order to protect and enhance human well-being, human safety, and human autonomy, as well as to preserve public health. Some of the most rapidly growing […]

Medicare’s free wellness visit can prevent diabetes amputation

Annual wellness visits covered by Medicare reduce┬ádiabetes┬ápatients’ risk of amputation by more than one-third, a new study finds. A hypothesis confirmed that Annual Well Visits are associated with a reduced risk of major lower-extremity amputations, highlighting the importance of connecting patients to preventive care services. Study author Jennifer Lobo, a researcher in the University of […]

Women who fear pregnancy request empathy from medical professionals

Although there are no data for the United States, up to 14 percent of women worldwide are estimated to be tokophobic. The abnormal fear of childbearing known as tokophobia is different from the normal concerns some women may have about giving birth or being pregnant. The disorder can interfere with daily life, making it difficult […]

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