Bad oral care impair brain health

According to research, having cavities and missing teeth can have a negative impact on one’s brain health. A person’s brain health may be negatively impacted by tooth decay and missing teeth, according to studies. Both routine dental checkups and at-home oral hygiene practises should be practised, according to experts. They point out that their findings […]

Alterations in the brain and human aging

Aging is an inevitable facet of life, and yet the biology underlying this actuality remains poorly understood. Even though it affects every organ in the body, ageing cannot be explained by a single pathway, and it is unclear what exactly causes the considerable changes in the brain. Since declining mortality rates have boosted life expectancy—which […]

Why you get exhausted when you think hard

The reason you experience mental exhaustion rather than drowsiness from heavy thought isn’t all in your brain, according to new research that sheds light on the matter. Their research, which was published in August 2022 in Current Biology, demonstrates that prolonged, high cognitive exertion can lead to the buildup of potentially hazardous byproducts in the […]

Tinnitus treatment with digital therapy may “rewire” the brain

According to new research, a cell phone software that combines white noise, active game-based therapy, and counselling may help “rewire” the brain to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. Tinnitus is commonly described as a ringing in the ears, but it also can sound like roaring, clicking, hissing, or buzzing. Patients with tinnitus who used a […]

Do you have chronic lower back pain? RESOLVE could help

But new research suggests the solution for the world’s leading cause of disability may lie in fixing how the brain and the body communicate. Are you among the hundreds of millions of people worldwide with low back pain? If so, you may be familiar with standard treatments like surgery, shots, medications, and spinal manipulations. Setting […]

New circumstances behind better vision have been uncovered

Its research, which was published in the journal Nature Communications. A group of neuroscientists have found a novel connection between brain architecture and behaviour. Professors at NYU’s Center for Neural Science and Department of Psychology Jonathan Winawer and Marisa Carrasco, Himmelberg’s co-authors on the Nature Communications article, aimed to provide light on the relationship between […]

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