atrial fibrillation

Salt pills neither help nor harm acute heart failure patients

In acute heart failure (AHF), salt supplementation during aggressive diuretic therapy didn’t appear to mitigate neurohormonal activation in a randomized placebo-controlled trial but it didn’t hurt outcomes either, challenging the usual low-sodium paradigm in heart failure. As per results from a Cleveland Clinic-led trial, increasing salt consumption orally for patients with heart failure who are […]

According to a recent research, women may actually have a higher risk of having atrial fibrillation if height is taken into account

Research completed at the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars Sinai and published in JAMA Cardiology states that women could have a 50% higher risk of developing AFib than men. Atrial fibrillation (also called Afib or AF) is an irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia) that begins in the upper (atria) of your heart. More than 454,000 people are hospitalized with AFib annually in […]

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