The relationship between porn addiction, depression, and mental health

It is important to understand porn addiction as a potential trigger for depression. In recent years, the impact of excessive pornography consumption on mental health has become a topic of interest and concern. While not officially recognized as a clinical disorder, individuals struggling with porn addiction may experience a range of negative consequences, including a […]

The human brain is not built to stay up past midnight

The researchers looked at empirical evidence from earlier studies on sleep and its impacts on cognition and functioning. Scientists claim that the human body and mind behave in a certain way at specific times of the day and follow a circadian clock. A new hypothesis was presented this year in Frontiers in Network Physiology, which […]

The United States’ rural and urban areas might be rocked by a fresh wave of opioid overdoses, according to researchers

According to experts from Northwestern Medicine in Chicago who examined patterns and applied a predictive model to identify areas where deaths would increase, the upcoming wave of opioid overdoses “will be worse than ever witnessed before.” Due to the dangerous practise of combining highly addictive opiates with other drugs, the number of opioid overdoses will […]

The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat opiate addiction appears promising

Recent estimates suggest that the opioid crisis caused over 100,000 deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating the severity of the problem and the need for more effective solutions. Researchers from Washington State University revealed in a new study that hyperbaric oxygen therapy may help opioid addicts reduce their methadone dosage and more effectively handle pain […]

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