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Does digestion gets adversely affected by our emotions?

According to a Harvard study, our gut health may be impacted by our emotions.

Our gut health is crucial to our entire wellbeing, yet it is frequently disregarded or overlooked. However, it is important to understand that how you feel, particularly negative emotions like anger and despair, also has an impact on your gut health.

The gut-brain connection, a Harvard University study, showed that the gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to emotion. All of these emotions—as well as others—can cause symptoms in the gut, including anger, anxiety, sadness, and joy. This relationship is reciprocal. Just as a disturbed brain can send messages to the gut, a troubled intestine can also send signals to the brain. Anxiety, stress, or depression can either induce or result in stomach or intestinal trouble in a person. That’s because the gastrointestinal (GI) system and the brain are closely linked, according to the Harvard website.

Dr. Dimple Jangda, an expert in Ayurveda and gut health, added to this by stating that when one is angry or stressed, the digestive system does not function at its best. Because the interaction between the body, mind, and emotions is one-to-one, she explained, the nature of food varies depending on the feeling you are going through at the time.

Dr Rachna Agarwal and said, “Every hormone has a different role on our body and brain. As such while eating, the happy hormones are important as they help in releasing the right kind of digestive juices, in the right amount.”

Dr. Dimple added that nutrients are not absorbed if the digestive process stops. She continued by advising that if upset, one should take a few deep breaths or drink a glass of water before to eating a meal because when we are calm, our parasympathetic nervous system functions, the cortisol level falls, and our body starts digesting and absorbing foods quickly.

According to Dr. Rachna, when we’re upset, we often gulp down our meal rather than chewing it thoroughly, which can also have an impact on our digestive systems. She said that undigested food is basically a load on the stomach and either passes out that way or causes toxins and constipation in the body.

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