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Does changing one’s diet help individuals with pancreatic cancer get more benefit from chemotherapy drugs?

By Editor Jun 10, 2022 #cancer #diet
The researchers discovered that a ketogenic diet, which is low in carbohydrates and protein but high in fat, helps to lower glucose levels in the tumour and starve cancer in previous laboratory trials published in the journal Med. 

A ketogenic diet has been proven to improve antitumour immunity by stimulating pro-inflammatory tumour gene expression and increasing ketone bodies produced by the liver, both of which weakened and stressed the cancer cell further.

Researchers from five separate centres in the United States started a clinical investigation.

The experiment enlists 40 participants to see if combining a ketogenic diet with triple-drug therapy improves overall survival in pancreatic cancer patients.

The clinical trial began in late 2020 and is expected to enrol new patients through June 2023. The triple-drug treatment will be given to half of the patients on a conventional diet, while the other half will be given a ketogenic diet plus triple-drug therapy.

The study’s dietary features are being closely studied.

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