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Almonds promote healthy weight loss, according to a recent study

The study, which was described as the largest of its type, discovered that those who ate almonds as part of a calorie-restricted diet lost roughly 9.3% of their body weight.

Based on a recent study, almonds are a wonderful complement to a balanced diet for weight loss because they include a number of nutrients. Researchers from the University of South Australia (UniSA) conducted the largest study of its kind, which revealed that incorporating almonds in an energy-restricted diet aided in weight loss and enhanced cardiometabolic health.

According to a recent study, eating almonds as part of an energy-restricted diet promoted weight loss. Since they have a bad reputation in the world of weight loss, nuts are frequently excluded from diets.

Almonds, however, include a number of nutrients and can be a beneficial addition to a balanced diet for weight loss.

In Depth

According to a press release from UniSA, the study examined the outcomes of two different diets, one supplemented with almonds and the other with carb-rich snacks, and discovered that both diets lowered body weight by 7 kg.

Notably, the researchers made note of the fact that gradual adjustments to one’s lifestyle can have an effect. In the long term, we’re more likely to be enhancing our general health when we’re making incremental, sustainable adjustments, they stated in UniSA’s press release.

In addition, a 2021 study by University of Toronto researchers stressed that, in contrast to widely held beliefs, eating nuts does not result in weight increase.

According to the researchers, there is no connection between eating nuts and gaining weight. In fact, several analyses showed that eating more nuts was associated with lower body weight and waist circumference.


Due to its high calorie and fat content, people frequently avoid eating nuts. However, a recent study discovered that those who consumed almonds lost weight at a similar rate to those who did not.

Additionally, they saw improvements in a number of cardiometabolic health indices.

Nuts, including almonds, are filling and provide a variety of essential nutrients, according to nutritionists. They can aid in weight management when consumed as a part of a balanced diet.

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