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A cup of unsweetened coffee per day may aid in weight loss, according to a research

A recent study provides information on the effects of drinking unsweetened coffee on weight as well as the effects of adding sugar to coffee.

The possible health advantages of coffee, a popular beverage, in terms of weight loss have long been the focus of research. It has been debatable for years whether or not one should drink black coffee with or without additions like cream or sugar.

Unsweetened coffee intake and the effects of adding sugar to coffee were the subjects of a recent study that was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study’s results showed an interesting correlation. People who chose unsweetened coffee had a modest decrease in body weight, whereas people who chose to sweeten their coffee with sugar had some weight gain.

In Depth

The results of the study showed that people who chose unsweetened coffee had a modest decrease in body weight, but others who chose to sweeten their coffee with sugar had some weight increase.

The result raises the possibility that unsweetened coffee may have a role in weight management, but it is crucial to stress the need for more studies to confirm these findings.

This study’s main goals were to determine whether drinking coffee helped people lose weight and to find out how adding cream, sugar, or a non-dairy whitener affected people’s overall health.

The Nurses’ Health Study, the Nurses’ Health Study II, and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, which together provided a big dataset and a significant number of participants, were used as the primary sources of extensive data for this research.

Conduct of the study

The researchers used stringent inclusion criteria while choosing participants for their study. People who had incomplete data or baseline illnesses like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, for example, were not included in the study. The analysis included almost 155,000 participants in total.

Researchers looked at information from eating frequency questionnaires that individuals completed at baseline and then every four years to gain insights.

These surveys included information on how often coffee was consumed, whether it was ordinary or decaffeinated, as well as how much cream, sugar, or non-dairy whitener was used. However, the study did not examine the effects of milk, whitener, or creamer without fat.


The study additionally adjusted for variables like dietary practises, alcohol intake, physical activity, and medical problems, as well as changes in weight occuring every four years.

According to the study’s findings, drinking one cup of coffee per day, whether regular or decaffeinated, was associated with a small loss of 0.12 kilogrammes (kg) of body weight over a four-year period. Over the same time period, consuming just one teaspoon of sugar each day was linked to a 0.09 kg weight gain.

Because the observed weight gain due to sugar consumption was more prominent in participants who were overweight and obese, the study’s authors draw the conclusion that their findings may provide an effective weight management technique.

By Parvathy Sukumaran

Parvathy Sukumaran is a Content Creator and Editor at JustCare Health. She is an Educator and a Language Lecturer. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education and an M.A in English Literature. She is passionate about writing, archaeology, music and cooking.

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