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65 years plus older adults need a stronger dose of flu shots

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), research has demonstrated Flublok Quadrivalent the following vaccines are potentially more effective than standard-dose vaccines for people ages 65 and older.

Like standard-dose flu vaccines, these new flu shots are designed to protect against four of the more likely flu strains to spread this season. The difference between the two types of shots is the total amount of antigens (immune system activators). Each new vaccine has four times the standard dose.

The CDC recommends everyone receive a flu shot every year, starting with 6-month-old babies.

Dr. Barbara Bawer, a family medicine physician at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, said that adults ages 65 and older need a higher dose of the flu vaccine because with age the immune system often weakens and does not build up enough of a response to the regular vaccine dose.

Dr. Phillip Kadaj, a Michigan-based internal medicine physician and medical expert for JustAnswer, explains that antigens are the immune system activating substances in the flu vaccine.

Bawer adds that if you’re over 65, getting a stronger dose of the flu shot is now what’s required to protect against contracting the flu and reduce the likelihood of becoming severely ill from the flu and requiring hospitalization.

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