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Breastfeeding women shouldn’t disregard nipple swelling, burning, or itching

Due to excessive humidity and fungi's rapid growth, incidences of nibble infections in lactating moms tend to increase during the rainy season, according to Dr. Suman Bijlani, a gynaecologist, obstetrician, and endoscopic surgeon at SRV Hospital in Mumbai,India.

Mastitis is inflammation and pain in the deep breast tissue, usually caused by bacteria. It can appear suddenly, often in the early weeks of breastfeeding.

Health and hormonal issues are common among lactating mothers. The painful nipple fungal infection, which is frequently encountered during the monsoon, is just one of several. Infection in the breast glands, especially during breastfeeding, may present as redness and pain all around it.

“Any imbalance in the numbers of good bacteria can lead to thrush, a fungal infection,” said Bijlani.

The specialist stated that the Candida Albicans fungus, which thrives in a warm, dark, and moist environment, overgrows and causes the infection.

Despite being present in the body, this fungus is usually harmless because beneficial microorganisms control its population. But any imbalance in the quantity of beneficial bacteria might cause the fungal ailment thrush.

Other factors, such as high levels of oestrogen in the body, oral contraceptives, anaemia, and damp nipples, can increase a person’s risk of developing a fungus in the nipples by a factor of two.

Red flags include nipple pain after feeding, nipple swelling and redness around the areola, nipple itching and burning, blisters, and patches around the nipples.

The way each woman is treated could be different.

Avoid self-medication and try to exclusively adhere to doctor’s orders. One should also take precautions like cleaning hands completely after touching the breasts, before feeding, and after changing the baby’s diaper, as well as keeping your breasts dry and clean during monsoon.

The skin around the nipples is particularly vulnerable to abrasions and pain from tight clothing. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothing to hasten the healing of your nipples.

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